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Anger Management Pathways

Anger Management Class 

Anger management

The eight hour one day anger management class covers the following topics: understanding anger, understanding the underlining motivation for anger, recognizing anger triggers and cues, develop an anger control plan, managing anger in relationships, cognitive reconstructing; dismantling irrational beliefs, anger in the family, dismantling myths about anger, assertiveness and conflict resolution. This class is available for court mandated and non-court mandated individuals. Participants receive a workbook to utilize during class as well as extra support to continue improving anger management skills. Certificate of completion is rewarded upon completion of class.

Pathway To Change-
Batterer Intervention Program

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 This transformative program is specifically designed for women identified as intimate partner violence offenders, aiming to foster a profound change in attitudes, behaviors and understanding of domestic violence. Through a comprehensive and compassionate approach our intervention and psychoeducational classes offer a safe and structure environment where participants are guided to confront and understand the root causes of their abusive behaviors. The curriculum emphasizes accountability, empathy development, and the cultivation of healthy relationship skills. Our goal is not only to stop the cycle of violence but to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to foster positive, respectful, and non-violent relationships. Through self-reflection, education, and support participants can embark on a meaningful journey towards personal growth and lasting change.

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